Has it really been a year?

Has it really been a year since I was a mom of only one sweet baby girl? Has it really been a year since I could not possibly fathom loving another baby as much as I adore Brynlee? And has it only been a year since I thought that getting three people ready for church (relatively) on time was a monumental task?

One year ago today, God blessed us with one of the sweetest (and cutest) babies you’ve ever seen! Camryn has such a sweet personality, has more energy than I could ever hope to harness, and keeps Jason and me on our toes 24/7! Before Camryn was born, I looked at friends that had more than one baby, and I was always amazed at how they juggled everything that needed to be done without leaving one kid straggling behind…..I am happy to say (knock on wood) that even though we are chronically late, I have made it all year with “no child left behind” ;). Which is not to say that this year has been a cake walk, but like a friend always told me, “you just get it done.”

One year later, I can’t imagine not having my little koala bear in our lives. I think I really expected her to be a clone of Brynlee, and to be quiet and completely happy to entertain herself…..not quite….not even close! Where Brynlee likes to play by herself, Camryn is convinced she’s an only child and must be the center of the universe. When Brynlee was younger, we could surround her with toys, and ten minutes later she would still be in that same spot examining the toys.  Camryn on the other hand, in that same ten minute span, has crawled from one end of the house to the other, climbed on the hearth at least five times, emptied out the diaper box, and attempted to eat anything that can’t eat her first….that is unless that object is actually nutritious food. If the object is paper, grass, the only ladybug that the vacuum missed, more paper, a crayon, or the one coupon that I need to finish my shopping list, it will be eaten. In her mind, food (the real kind) is way overrated!!

But nothing is less overrated to her than her nightly cuddle time with Mommy! When it’s time for bed, she loves to grab her blankie and snuggle in with Mommy….Daddy’s great, but at bedtime, only Mommy will do! And since Brynlee has decided that Daddy is the absolute coolest person to ever walk the earth, I’m loving that Camryn still has to have Mommy at night 🙂

At a year old, Camryn has already learned Jason’s trick of turning on a smile to get out of trouble. She’ll crawl up on the hearth or steal Brynlee’s cherished Lovey, and flash that winning Jason-smile.  She’s already a ham!!  I can’t imagine what these next 17 years have to hold, but I can’t wait to find out!!

I won’t claim to be able to predict the future, but I will safely predict that between Jason and the girls, I will never have a boring day!!

So, today I am excited (and honestly a little sad) to say “Happy First Birthday, Camryn Alyssa!!!”


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