9 years ago…..



Nine years ago tonight, I was Tabitha Hobson. I could not believe that I was about to marry my very best friend…..might I add, FINALLY marry my very best friend!! (I would post a picture of the two of us when we first started dating, but I’m not sure which of us would be most embarrassed :))

Nine years ago tonight, I was full of nerves and could barely sleep at all!!

Nine years ago tonight, I never would have dreamed that we would have shared all the laughs, tears, joys, sadness, victories, and momentary losses that we have shared in these years.

I was so excited to wear my princess dress, finally be Mrs. Jason White, and head out for our cruise. I still remember Andy having to tell me to slow down as he walked me down the aisle. He was literally holding me back from jogging down the aisle. I couldn’t stop my tears, and Jason couldn’t stop grinning. Other than Brynlee and Camryn’s birthdays, I’ve never seen Jason grin that big before.  Our wedding day was such an amazing day, and it was only the beginning of our “Life More Beautiful” than we ever would have imagined.

Nine years ago, I probably would not have thought that I would still laugh at Jason’s goofy jokes or that he would still relentlessly pick on me like I’m his little brother….both still happen on a daily basis. I probably didn’t expect that we would have two beautiful little girls that look just like Jason! And I definitely wouldn’t have imagined that one (Brynlee) would have my same attitude and personality, while the other (Camryn) is Jason in a girl’s body (the world may not be ready for her!). Or that I would still make him kill bugs for me…..he’s my knight in shining armor!

Looking back, I really didn’t know what to expect, other than spending the rest of my life with my best friend and the love of my life…..and ten years from now, I know I’ll be looking back saying the same thing again. At the time, I really thought I knew what it meant to love Jason, and in many ways I did. However, our love is SO much stronger and deeper! I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with such a hardworking, hilarious, dedicated, and mischievous husband! I may not know what the next 50 years may bring, but I can guarantee that they will be filled with laughter, love, and plenty of memories.

I love you, buddy!!!  Happy anniversary!!!!!!


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