“No One Ever Told Me”

There are so many things that no one ever told me before I became a wife and mom. So, I thought I would share them to see if I am the only one that was caught off guard….

Before I got married, no one ever told me…..

that the guy that I thought helped with hanging the moon, was tragically incapable of doing laundry by himself. I’ll never forget the first time he called and asked how to turn on the washer!

that the 21 year old that I married would become the most amazing friend that I could imagine. He would be the one person who puts up with my grumpiness, moodiness, goofiness, impatience, stubbornness, ditziness and clumsiness….and still finds me cute and funny….even after seeing me puke up my big toe while carrying Camryn!


No one ever told me that staying in love is a choice that you make even on the hard days when you want to run and hide from the world.

Or that planning a weekly menu that doesn’t include macaroni or spaghetti takes a lot of creativity…..although you can never go wrong with macaroni if you ask me.

Before we had the girls, no one ever warned me that my feet would completely disappear two months after finding out I was pregnant!! Or that they would magically reappear the morning after the girls made their grand appearance!

No one warned me that the smell of peanut butter would have me running wildly from the room….or that I would live on Icees, banana Moon Pies and Sour Patch Kids….and of course, Zofran! 🙂

Then the girls made their appearance, and life as we know it changed forever!!

Our quiet Saturday night poker nights became nights at home coloring and watching the Fresh Beat Band. We traded Wings or Olive Garden for McAllister’s and Chick-fil-A. We traded chick flicks and action movies for Finding Nemo, Rio and “Punzel” (Tangled, for those of you that don’t speak Camryn-ese).

No one ever told me (well, they did, but I didn’t really buy it) that these two little people would forever alter our entire lives and perspective. That I would no longer be able to watch Criminal Minds or Law & Order without worrying about my own girls.

No one ever told me that I would trade Zumba or boot camp classes for a two year old drill sergeant that is WAY tougher and insistent than any trainer I’ve ever been around.

Cs style

No one ever told me that I would completely memorize “Dimity Duck” or “Mommy Calls Me Monkey Pants,” and prefer those books to any of the 50,000 other choices laying around their rooms. And that I would read them much more frequently than any of my own reading choices!

No one ever told me that I would completely identify with the National Geographic pictures of the crazy momma bear anytime a bully came within 15 feet of one of my sweet (most of the time) baby girls!!

Miss priss

Or that the smell of a clean baby was one of the sweetest smells in the world…or that the smell of the same kid after an hour outside is one of the worst 🙂

There are so many things that no one ever told me that I have learned to love about my life…despite the fact that Jason still doesn’t do laundry, and Brynlee and Camryn still smell like outside when I pick them up from daycare everyday…..I have to say I’m pretty thankful for the things that no one ever told me 🙂


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