What does happily ever after really look like??

It’s a rare day in the White house (our White house, that is) that someone isn’t dressed up as a princess, ballerina or Tinkerbell. Our girls are fascinated with all things girly….makeup, glitter, princesses and now, princes. Camryn loves to ask her daddy, “Will you be my ‘pwince?”  Even as I’m typing this, the girls are bouncing in their bouncy house (a pretend castle) and calling each other Anna and Elsa.


I love princesses just as much as anybody and can sing most of the Disney princess songs by heart….don’t judge, what girl that grew up in the 90s didn’t dream of being Belle or Jasmine? But do I really want my girls to grow up expecting Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet? Or Aladdin to save them from a crowded marketplace? Or, most bizarre, an enchanted beast to turn into their perfect prince? I think I’ll pass! I’d rather they grow up expecting a more realistic Prince Charming like the one I found….who may not always be exceedingly charming, but I’d take him any day over Prince Eric 😉

So, what does happily ever after really look like to me? Celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary rafting down the Ocoee, laughing over the disastrous six mile bike ride on our honeymoon, and watching our mini-me’s grow up way too fast. Our happily ever after has had days lots of days when we are crazy in love, and other days when we just drive each other crazy. We’ve cried together over lost babies, friends and family, but even through those tears, my Prince Charming has found a way to make me laugh. Happily ever after is having little inside jokes and memories that can make us laugh until we cry. That’s what I want my girls to dream of! Holding hands in the car, venting at the end of a long day and arguing over who gets to pick a movie or how I can never pick a place to eat 🙂

Yeah, that’s the happily ever after that I want my girls to look forward to. Knowing that I’m always coming to someone who loves me, prays for me and laughs with me everyday. I’m not saying we have a picture perfect marriage, but I wouldn’t trade my Prince Charming for the world. He knows my crazy quirks and loves me anyways. And I love him even though he refuses to let me put my cold feet on his side of the bed. Forget Aladdin or Flinn, I’ll take my “pwince” any day!!

just us


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