31 Days of Less….Here goes nothing!

I’ve been thinking about what to write about for this challenge for several weeks now. I’ve thrown around a ton of ideas, and none of them have excited me…..until this one! Then again, excited may not be the right word. Challenged is a more fitting way to describe how I’m feeling.

I’m an a typical Type A, people pleaser! I want you to like me, and I feel like everything I do should be perfect….or as close as humanly possible. I’ll blame it on being an only child. I also have an incredibly hard time at saying no. As evidenced by my day today, I have a gift for overcrowding my To Do list and trying to shove as much as I can into every second possible….all while being chronically late.

The entire premise of my “31 Days of Less” is to focus more on what actually matters (God and His people) and less on what isn’t as important (me and my to do list)…ouch, it hurts just to type that! Well, as I started the day planning this blog, I get a text asking me to help plan our elementary school’s fall festival…and I quickly say yes! How can I turn down an opportunity to reach out to our community??

And there’s the rub. Throughout this month, I’m going to be praying and working towards determining what needs to stay in our lives and what needs to go. I know going into this that each day will be different.

Less clutter – Amen!! Seriously, needed this about seven years ago before our little people were born….we now live in a combination of Barnes and Noble, a Barbie wonderland and an excessive amount of clothes of all sizes!

Less wasted time – Who doesn’t kill time that could be better spent as quality time with family?

Less bad attitudes – I’m preaching to myself, as well as the rest of my family.

Less social media – Again, this is directed at me, and if I’m honest, this will be really difficult! However, I know as soon as my husband reads this, he will be the one to hold me accountable, haha!!

In general, less of ME!!

And in the place of this clutter, I’m hoping we find more generosity, more kindness, more quality time and memory making, more love and patience with each other and more love for all of those that God has placed in our lives!

Thanks for joining me on my 31 days of less!! Here goes nothing….or better yet, here goes a lot junk out of our lives 🙂

 “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” – John 3:30 (New Living Translation)


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