Day #2…..We may be hoarders…

Ok, so confessional time. I think there may be a gene that causes hoarding. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! I have to have some reason for the fact that I can’t part with a magazine until I’ve read every page (I have a LARGE stack just waiting for me to have two hours of free time to read a single issue…sigh), or the fact that I still have every movie ticket stub from the four years that Jason and I dated.

And it appears that I have passed this genetic deficiency along to our girls! Now, don’t assume that we could star on our own TLC show that features our (Jason excluded) sentimental scraps of paper that we can’t bear to part with. You can easily walk through our every room in our house (with the playroom as an exception), but Brynlee and Camryn hold onto their “artwork” with an iron fist…and the term “artwork” is used very loosely for some of the construction paper that they hold dear….or the purple construction paper airplane that causes Brynlee’s eyes to water if we mention throwing it away.

However, one of my easier goals for the 31 days of less is less clutter!! So, we are attempting to narrow down the creations of our little Michelangelo (Brynlee) and Picasso (Camryn) to their favorites. I have bought them each a folder to hold their favorite pieces….We’ll see how far that goes! At this very second, the precious paper airplane is resting in a place of honor on the hearth.

As for my hoarding tendencies, I have given away clothes that the girls have outgrown, so we’ll call that progress for today!! As for my goal of less social media??? Well, let’s just say that being really bored at work on a Friday isn’t very conducive to staying off of Facebook on my phone. But let’s not forget that I have purged old clothes this week, and we are definitely calling that progress 🙂

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” John 3:30 (New Living Translation)


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