Day #3….Here’s how this whole thing started….I blame Summer ;)

A little over three weeks ago, I was introduced to Jen Hatmaker by my best friend, who apparently needed company in realizing how crappy we are as human beings. I’m only kidding…kinda! We started with reading Interrupted, and I have one chapter left in Seven, Both of these books have highlighted how much I need to shift my focus off of myself and onto others. (At this point, I should insert that I’m an only child, so this is not an easy task!) If you have never read one of her books, grab your steel-toed boots and pick up Interrupted! I can guarantee that you will be challenged, but it’s totally worth the stomped on toes!!

In Seven, Jen Hatmaker’s family and friends embark on a seven month challenge that involved monthly fasts and lifestyle changes. While I can’t commit to eating avocados for a month (or ever), I am trying to use her book to help with my focus throughout this month’s challenge. Each month, their family shifted their focus off of one area of their life (foods, shopping, media, etc.) and used that energy in reaching their community. My prayer since reading these books has become even more that God will use our family to make an impact for Him in our neighborhood and throughout our community.

Lately, I have heard so many people in my generation saying, “I just want to do something that matters!!” I know that Jason and I have this conversation several times a month! This is a conversation that my best friend and I have all the time too. We all want to make an impact, or as we say in Adventure Kids, we want to “make HIS mark!” I don’t want our lives to end, and there be no evidence of a legacy. I pray that mine and Jason’s legacy will be a legacy filled with Jesus and showing His love to all those that we are around….and that as our girls grow up, they will grow up loving people where they are, as they are, and that they will point everyone around them to the God that loves them more than they can ever understand!!

“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” John 3:30 (New Living Translation)


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