Selfie challenged

I am NOT a selfie girl! I have never perfected the head tilt, great angle or even looking in the right direction. Let’s be real! I am 100% selfie challenged!!

But I have to say this is my favorite selfie ever! No makeup, no instagram filter to make me look tan (as if that is possible)…. heck, a hairbrush hadn’t even touched this hair at 5:42 this morning!

But what do I see?? Love and joy and the promise that everything that sucks has “come to pass.” 

At this time last year, we were waiting for news from a suspicious mammogram…and the news that we got was NOT what we wanted. However, two months later, we got even more shocking news that we were going to be a family of FIVE!!

If you had told me one year ago today that I would have been grateful for a cancer diagnosis, I might have throat punched you! Okay, I’m not that brave, but I would have throat punched you in my mind!!

 But like Jason said two nights ago, “You know, if it weren’t for cancer, this little guy wouldn’t be here!” And he’s right. Without a diagnosis of estrogen positive breast cancer, I would still faithfully be popping medicine to prevent our little miracle!! I would be sleeping through the night completely unaware of the fact that our hearts and family could expand to include this not so little bundle of joy. 

So, today as I meet with a radiation oncologist to plan my treatment, I’ll look at this 5:42 a.m. selfie and see love, joy and a promise that crappy times “come to pass” and may even leave a surprise blessing in their wake! 





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