Hemophilia.... Hemophiliac.... Factor 8 deficiency.... less than 1% clotting factor.... SEVERE.... These are all things that Jason and I have talked about in the 30 days of Cayden's life. We were told on the night that Cayden was born that one of his three coagulation tests came back highly abnormal. The next day, our pediatrician… Continue reading Severe…


Six long months ago…..

It's so hard for me to believe how much has changed in the last six months! Six months ago tonight, my mom and I had just gotten home from taking my girls to my aunt that was going to watch them during my first surgery for breast cancer. I fought tears as I kissed them… Continue reading Six long months ago…..


Day #7….Less social media, less writing, but lots of great memories!

This weekend, we went to Mississippi for a friend's wedding reception. On our three hour road trip, we listened to random radio stations, sang incredibly loudly and off-key and I'm pretty certain our girls felt like our dancing should have been considered child abuse! But, we had fun! The next morning, we woke up and… Continue reading Day #7….Less social media, less writing, but lots of great memories!