Be Thou My Vision

I'll never forget seeing her walk out onto the stage at The Crush. I was 15 years old and had begged to leave Florida one day early, so that I wouldn't miss the concert. Along with the rest of the crowd of teens and 20-somethings, I watched her being escorted to the piano. She sat… Continue reading Be Thou My Vision


My hiding place

This little guy......My heart was not prepared to melt as much as it has since he came screaming into this world! Like Olaf says, "Some people are worth melting for!" Cayden, my chubby man, you are worth melting for! When we found out Cayden was a boy, I was so excited and so terrified! I'm… Continue reading My hiding place



Hemophilia.... Hemophiliac.... Factor 8 deficiency.... less than 1% clotting factor.... SEVERE.... These are all things that Jason and I have talked about in the 30 days of Cayden's life. We were told on the night that Cayden was born that one of his three coagulation tests came back highly abnormal. The next day, our pediatrician… Continue reading Severe…